Ventas exportadores a Haití caen hasta en 60%

Export sales to Haiti fall by up to 60%

Cement has been one of the construction sector inputs with the lowest price increase during the year, since it increased only 15.9%, said Félix González

Cement exports to Haiti They have suffered a slowdown in the last two months, due to the situation of political instability that the neighboring country is currently experiencing.

This was stated yesterday by Félix González, president of the Dominican Association of Portlan Cement Producers (Adocem), who also pointed out that there are companies whose exports have been affected by almost 60 percent.

“Now they are trying to normalize and we hope this will continue, so that good trade relations between the two nations continue,” said González, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the start of the cement industry in the country.

The lowest magnification

Referring to the rise in construction materials, González pointed out that given this situation, cement has been one of the inputs in this sector with the lowest price increase during the year, since it increased only 15.9%, due to the increase in 47% who have had production costs.

“We have tried to maintain ourselves, despite the fact that costs have increased, but it must be recognized that it is very difficult to sustain, because we are in circumstantial stability,” he said.

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He insisted that they have made sacrifices so that the rise in costs is not passed on directly to consumers.

He specified that they are aware of everything that happens in the sector because the cement generates taxes, employment and development for the country.

He said that they hope that construction will continue next year, since the Government has announced investments in which we are important, both in infrastructure and in foreign investment and public-private relations, which will allow the construction sector to continue being a axis for the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

“We will try to maintain prices that are reasonable, competitive and that we are always below the Central American and Caribbean market,” said González.


When speaking about the contributions of the cement industry to the economy, the president of Adocem cited that according to a study, the industry’s contribution amounts to RD$43,000 million, which represents 0.8% of GDP.

He specified that the industry has contributed decisively to the economic stability of the country, not only through jobs and contributions to the treasury, but also by supplying local and international demand.

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