Expocruz 2023, 85% of the spaces of the fair sample are occupied

Expocruz 2023, 85% of the spaces of the fair sample are occupied

July 16, 2023, 4:44 AM

July 16, 2023, 4:44 AM

The countdown to Expocruz 2023 has begun. This year, the most important multi-sector fair in the country aims to be a meeting point for business people and citizens who visit the exhibition every year. The expectation is high, to the point that 70 days after its official start, 85% of the event space has already been reserved.

Among the main novelties that the fair will have is the increase in the number of exhibiting countries in relation to 2022. This year the organizers expect the arrival of 25 delegations. The new nations that will be added this year are Mexico, Russia and Romania.

Another change will be the return of the Spanish delegation, which returns after not participating last year. Another important return is that of the Santa Cruz Telecommunications Cooperative (Cotas), which was absent in 2022.
Like every year, the exhibition has a message that seeks to highlight the main characteristics of the entrepreneurial spirit of Santa Cruz. For this year, the motto of the Fair will be “Opportunities for all”.

“In this fair we have small, medium, large businessmen, international delegations that come and bet to show their products, their services and that represents that Santa Cruz identity, that impetus that this region has to continue producingto produce with joy, to continue betting on a more solid economy, to seek international markets to be able to continue generating development”, said Jean Pierre Antelo, president of the Santa Cruz Exhibition Fair (Fexpocruz), organizer of the commercial event.

Antelo highlighted the multiplier effect of this sample that, annually, generates more than 70,000 jobs, both direct and indirect.

The exhibition will be held from September 22 to October 1. The organizers estimate the presence of 2,000 companies this year, both small, medium and large. The presence of state companies such as Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB), Yacimientos de Litios Bolivianos (YLB), Entel and different public entities has even been confirmed.

Within the private sector, the return of COTAS stands out, which this year will return to the exhibition with a stand. The cooperative will show its new fiber optic project, in the provision of high-speed internet services, data transmission, telephony and 4K digital television, among others.

This year Fexpocruz invested $900,000 in all infrastructure. One of these investments is the space that is being prepared for the Automotive Boulevard, which will be added to the traditional space that this sector has in the sample.

“The idea is that people can go, walk around and see options centrally, more and more modern, even with the 2024 format. All the automakers have confirmed the automaker,” said Raúl Strauss, general manager of Fexpocruz.
The Argentine delegation will have many more visiting provinces this year. Although they have not indicated the exact number from the neighboring country, they indicated to the organizers that this year there will be a greater participation.

“Through the Argentine Investment Agency that there will be a greater number of provinces than the previous version, which is a record in provinces. Germany, for example, we are working very closely with the German Chamber of Commercewith the Consulate, the German Embassy for the European flag, that there are also many expectations in general from the European Union”, said the executive.

For his part, Antelo anticipated that there is currently an 85% commercial closing progress, which is a fairly high figure, “which shows that confidence that there is in the fair”, despite a complicated context.

The head of Fexpocruz highlighted three important factors for the success of the exhibition. The first is the participation of foreign delegations that support Expocruz to become a showcase for foreign investment.

The second factor that stands out is the expectation of participation from visitors. For this year it is estimated that more than 400,000 will come to the sample “which generates a multiplier effect on the economy.

“And the third factor is the commitment that our visitors, our exhibitors have for the fair, which will allow us to relaunch and bet on the country’s economic recovery,” he said.

One of the novelties within the ‘Expo’ is that, within the framework of its activities related to the livestock sector, it will host the Extraordinary Assembly of the International Federation of Zebu Breeders (FICEBÚ), an organization that brings together breeders of Zebu cattle worldwide.

This meeting will be attended by international associations and has the objective of allowing Bolivian cattle to internationalize and become a pillar of regional meat production.

For the sample, more than 900 specimens of different breeds and species will be exhibited, in addition there will be 19 auctions, 11 days of judging and the visit of international judges, to date confirmed from Brazil and Peru.

Within the novel aspects, the real estate sector has confirmed its participation with large projects and facilities for those interested in investing or acquiring the home that suits their needs.

In the sample, visitors will be able to find a variety of massive products, so families will be able to learn about unique fair prices and opportunities.

Juan Pablo Saavedra, president of the Chamber of Real Estate Developers, pointed out that this event is one of the main commercial platforms that this sector has when it comes to closing contracts for the sale of real estate and different development projects for this activity.

“The show continues to be the most important multi-sector fair in the region. So, the real estate sector has always had a significant important presence. And I am sure that this year he will have it again, ”he said.

Although he did not give a figure, Saavedra emphasizes that the importance of the sample lies in the fact that it generates a specific sales scenario, which grows every year.

And the important thing, according to the representative of this sector, is that there are land and homes for all kinds of pockets.

“There are opportunities for every budget. Even lots that have installments of less than 300 bolivianos per month. So really here at the fair I think it is an excellent option for the entire population to go and look and for investors as well, ”she specified.

At Expocruz 2023, the automotive sector will be present, opening a boulevard designed for them, where they will exhibit models and formats of the different ranges with the presence of the 2024 model.

The general manager of the Bolivian Automotive Chamber, Luis Encinas, reported that this year 23 national companies will exhibit 45 international brands at this fair, which has become an important platform for dealerships nationwide.

“Most of the companies affiliated with the Chamber are in Santa Cruz. So, we have to be part of Expocruz”, said the executive.
He explained that during the show the 2024 cars are exhibited, because by that date the factories are already beginning to produce the model for the next management.
In a sense, he maintained, Expocruz is vital for the sector’s sales.

“It is a practically mandatory presence to disseminate all the technology developed by manufacturers and expose it with all possible advantages at the fair, which is one of the largest fairs in Latin America,” he said.

The executive highlighted the boulevard that will be enabled for his sector because it will be an almost connected space, so that the public can see all the vehicles.

“The Exhibition Fair has obviously understood the importance of the automotive sector and before they were all very dispersed. Now the boulevard calls for it because it is going to be an almost connected, interconnected space”, he pointed out.

The countdown has already begun, in this sense Antelo maintained that work is being done to make this sample one of the best.

“We are 70 days away from starting the 47th version of the Expocruz fair. And we are excited to already have our exhibitors, the visitors who are waiting for these 10 days of the fair to enjoy and to be able to do business”, he said.

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