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Expert proposes that SS cover what is High Cost

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Experto propone que SS cubra lo que es Alto Costo

The assumption by any government of high-cost medicines and treatments it’s unsustainableso the problem should be assumed by the Social Security system.

The approach corresponds to the former director of the National Health Service (SNS) and the National Health Insurance (Senasa), Chanel Rosa Chupany.

For the expert in healthcare systems no government could cover the expense that the coverage of the High Cost Program implies, therefore, a study must be carried out by the Superintendence of Health and Occupational Risks (Sisalril).

The study should review the epidemiological profile of the country and which are the diseases with the highest incidence and prevalence.

For this 2022, the Government would spend more than RD$7,500 million in medicines, to benefit 16,050 patients.

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“It does not matter what government it is, if Social Security does not universalize care, favoritism, inequity and the use of relationships occur to obtain what is due to people by constitutional right,” said Rosa Chupany.

Fiscal funds are insufficient for this coverage, said the expert in health systems.
Pink Chupany too he is an economistand in his opinion, it is not about people having a membership card, what must be guaranteed are rights.

At present, the expenditure of Dominicans in the purchase of medicines without coverage is very high, and this generates poverty and inequality.

primary care

For Rosa Chupany, the absence of a robust First Level of Care and Primary Care means that the country has a population with a high burden of disease.

Primary Care has never been prioritized, it has been a historically neglected issue and this is evident in Third and Fourth Level Care centers, full of sick people, he indicates.

He assures that there is a high lack of prevention in the country.

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