Experto critica método de lucha de los médicos

Expert criticizes doctors’ method of fighting

Santo Domingo.- The demands of the Dominican Medical Association (CMD), are not the responsibility of the Health Risk Administrators (ARS), that corresponds to the National Social Security Council (CNSS), which is the one who establishes the capita and the catalog of benefits of services, explained today member security expert Arismendi Díaz Santana.

diaz santana said that the ARS depend of what the governing body decides, which is the Social Security Council.

“It is not explained why the Dominican Medical Association, which is a member of the Social Security Council, does not take these demands and takes to the streets,” said the economist, interviewed by the Cuentas Claras program, which is broadcast by La Nota 95.7.

The president of the Social Security for All Foundation also said that every time the “family insurance capita of health, the rates and fees of doctors will also be increased ».

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“Doctors have the right to have the rates of their consultations and hospital procedures reviewed,” clarified the author of the Law 87-01 that created the Dominican Social Security System.

Díaz Santana reminded the Medical Association that if they do not give services to the population citizens do not complain to the ARS.

“This supposed fight of the Dominican Medical College is not understood, supposedly against the Health Risk Managerswhen in practice what they are affecting is the affiliates, especially the poorest ones”, pointed out the expert.

The money

“The problem is that social security has a limit in terms of income and is based on the salary of workers, which in most are very few.”

Díaz explained that what can be done is to negotiate in the instance of the social security council to reach a point of agreement between both parties.

For this, the economist needs to hire a qualified international consulting company to carry out an analysis and submit the conclusions they can from the Social Security Council to find a solution.

“It is not explained why the union does not take its demands to the CNSS and takes to the streets.”

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