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June 22, 2022
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Exit plebiscite: Michelle Bachelet changed electoral domicile to Switzerland

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, changed its electoral domicile in view of the plebiscite for the draft of the new Constitution, which will take place on September 4. The former president changed her polling place from La Reina (Metropolitan region) to Geneva, Switzerland.

With the change, Bachelet will not vote in the country. According to Third, close to the former president pointed out that the times would not fit in her return to the country. This, considering that he will not reapply for his position in the United Nations.

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Previously, the deputy Helia Molina (PPD) had pointed out that Bachelet “is not going to participate in any Approval campaign because she arrives after the exit plebiscite. She has to be at work until (…) the first week of September has passed, and the last council in which it will be is the one that ends in September ”.

Meanwhile, the executive director of Horizonte Ciudadano, Xavier Altamiranoconfirmed that the former president will return to work within the foundation, founded by her.

The term to change the electoral domicile ended on May 1.

Let us remember that a few days ago, Horizonte Ciudadano confirmed to CNNChile that the former head of state will not attend the closing ceremony of the Constitutional Convention, which will take place on July 4. From the foundation they alluded to agenda limits.

No living former president (Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle, Ricardo Lagos Y Sebastian Pinerain addition to Bachelet) will attend the event.

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