Exit of Colombians abroad exceeded pre-pandemic levels

Exit of Colombians abroad exceeded pre-pandemic levels

The revival in international tourism has energized the World economy and Colombia has been a great reference during the first quarter of 2022. After several limitations for passengers to enter other destinations, after a few months the confidence of national tourists has increased due to resume your travels.

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According to figures revealed by Migration Colombia, Anato estimates that between January and March 1,063,871 Colombians left abroad, that is, a growth of 0.6% compared to the 1,057,337 in the same period of 2019, which indicates that in the first quarter the figures were already reached that were reported in pre-pandemic times.

January was below 12%, but in February it grew 5%, and in March it also presented an increase of 14%, in relation to the same months of 2019.

We knew that the road to recovery in the sector would not be easy and would take time. However, the strength of this industry has been evident showing growth ahead of what we expected. This creates more challenges for travel agencies, which did not stop their work during the pandemic, to continue designing packages to new destinations and different products.”, said Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of Anato.

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For tourism reasons, events and businesses, The main destinations to which Colombians traveled were United States, Mexico, Spain and the Dominican Republic, with growth of 54%, 92%, 41% and 123%, respectively, compared to the first quarter of 2019.

However, other countries stand out, such as France with an increase of 27%; Curacao, with 40%; Turkey, with 69%; Italy, with 47%; Y United Arab Emirates, with 197%.

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These data show that tourism will continue to be an important pillar for the economic recovery of Colombia, therefore, we will continue to train our entrepreneurs in order to make them more competitive in the face of the demands of the Colombian traveler.”, affirmed the union leader.

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