Exiled student organizations launch the book “April calls for Freedom”

The Alliance of Nicaraguan Youth and Students (AJEN) and the Youth and Student Unit presented “April Flame of Freedom”a collection book of poems, stories, songs and opinion articles.

They point out that this project is carried out with the purpose of “claiming memory from art so as not to forget and not repeat” the repressive actions of April 2018, carried out by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

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Enrique Martínez, political adviser to the Youth and Student Unit, told Article 66 that the book seeks to recover artistic elements of Nicaraguan youth “in that process of restructuring historical memory.”

«This is a joint effort of the Youth and Student Unit and the Youth and Student Alliance to demonstrate the ability of youth to articulate essential elements such as the construction of a book that recapitulates and demonstrates that youth is willing to build memory from those innovative elements such as art”, he highlighted.

The book, which was presented on Sunday, April 7, is available in digital format and later in a printed version; and its distribution is free. “Yesterday, during the launch, we were giving away physical versions but we also have digital versions, which we will be sharing – the link – on the social networks of Ajen from the Youth and Student Unit” reported Enrique Martínez.

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He also said that the political message that is being sent with the publication of this book is that “young people are articulating, uniting and we are telling the Nicaraguan citizens that there is hope and that there are ways to continue demonstrating the -Ortega- regime that as much as I try to send messages and narratives to try to erase 2018, those historical dates live and it is that flame that seeks change and political transformation in Nicaragua.

These two organizations, made up of young university students, exiled after the persecution by the Ortega dictatorship, affirm that they remain united with the sole purpose of achieving democratization in the country and that justice is achieved for all the victims of government repression.

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