Exhibition "Forms and Colors of Arequipa" was inaugurated in Arequipa

Exhibition “Forms and Colors of Arequipa” was inaugurated in Arequipa

Yesterday, the Art Exhibition “Formas y Colores de Arequipa” was inaugurated by the San José – Jesuitas school in collaboration with the Fe y Alegría No. 51 institution at the Vinatea Reynoso Gallery located at Portal de la Municipalidad 110, first floor ; which will take place until July 14, attending from 8:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon.

Daniel Gallegos, professor of Plastic Arts at the San José school, indicates that the exhibition has a dark setting to resemble the caves of Manresa, place of prayer of San Ignacio de Loyola; as well as selfie art elements adorned with student paintings, which feature a digital display QR code for further interaction.

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The exhibited paintings are creations of all the students from the 6th year of elementary school to the 5th year of high school who wanted to participate in this exhibition and paintings professionals acquired by the San José institution, inspired by the 500 years of conversion of San Ignacio de Loyola.

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Nilo Cruz, deputy manager of Education and Culture, mentions that art is an exclusively human activity, and that when people use their senses to understand what the artist is trying to express with their work, they become more sensitive and more empatheticraising human quality and contributing a grain of sand towards a more supportive society.

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