Excesses in the National Park leave 30 injured and several vandalized vehicles

Excesses in the National Park leave 30 injured and several vandalized vehicles

Around 10 p.m., he checked in. a strong confrontation between indigenous people and uniformed Esmad in the seventh race with Calle 36, in the vicinity of the National Park, a situation that left 23 injured, including five children and three pregnant women, in addition to a missing child under 12 years of age.

We were waiting for a meeting with directives from the Mayor’s Office in the framework of the negotiation process that we advanced, unfortunately none of the officials arrived and this caused tempers to heat up, the population went out to block the seventh in protest at the non-compliance, there the Esmad attacked the demonstrators and this generated a massive reaction”, explained Jairo Montañez, spokesman for the Emberá.

After the incident, almost 100 members of that ethnic group, including women and children, came out with sticks and stones to attack Esmad, situation that generated chaos and forced the closure of traffic along that section from 45th Street.

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For its part, the Police clarified that the demonstrators began to block the passage of vehicles and charge some for letting them pass, which is why they intervened with the Riot Squad, which ended in a pitched battle.

“We have seven uniformed officers injured with darts thrown at them, in addition to six SITP buses, three private individuals and an ambulance who were attacked with stones and sticks,” explained Colonel Hebert Benavídez, Operations Commander of the Bogotá Police.

On the other hand, heThe Personería de Bogotá rejected these acts of violence and denounced that ten of its managers were also attacked and two temporarily held by the indigenous.

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