Evo gives strength to the attack against the campaign of the Ministry of Government that titles "just say no" and shows photos of the US

Evo gives strength to the attack against the campaign of the Ministry of Government that titles “just say no” and shows photos of the US

The attack against the campaign initiated by the Ministry of Government of “just say no” seems to have no end and this Friday the former president, Evo Morales intensified his offensive with the publication of two photographs from the 1980s with that legend that was part of the Ronald Reagan government campaign.

“40 years ago, #USA launched the ‘Just Say No’ campaign for the so-called ‘war on drugs’ due to the high consumption of drugs in that country. With that excuse, the empire massacred, repressed and persecuted coca growers in the Tropics through the DEA and USAID,” the former president wrote on his Twitter account.

On May 17, the Ministry of Government organized an event in the city of El Alto called “Citizen Security Festival #DinoFest” with the motto “SAY NO…to drugs; SAY NO…to violence; SAY NO to alcohol; SAY NO to crime, they even presented a mascot on that theme. Almost immediately Morales went on the attack and questioned the campaign stating that there is advice from USAID and the DEA for the initiative.

The also leader of the cocaleros accompanied his criticism with two photographs of the former first lady of the United StatesNancy Reagan, who wears the legend ‘Just Say No (Solo di no)’ at baseball games and an official speech.

Until now a similar act was not seen in any of the other capital citiesalthough it had been announced that they would be replicated in other places because the plan was designed at the national level.

“The DEA and USAID attempted against life, human rights, sovereignty and democracy in Bolivia with the complicity of right-wing governments in the neoliberal era. The Bolivian people have freed themselves from that interference and can no longer submit to those interventionist policies,” says Morales’ second tweet, in direct reference to the government authorities.

On the day of the act, the mayor of El Alto participated happily, Eva Copa, with whom Morales maintains an open confrontation; the vice president, David Choquehuanca, with whom there is also an ideological dispute, so much so that it has been suggested that the Morales and Choquehuanca sides collided in the town of Tinguipaya, Potosí and where two deaths occurred last week.

The Government Minister, Carlos Eduardo Del Castillo, is the permanent objective of Moraleswho publicly requested his resignation and, not being listened to, began a systematic campaign of denunciations of drug trafficking tasks, as well as promoted an interpellatory act in the Assembly, which was paralyzed by the vice president in his capacity as ex officio president of the Assembly .

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