Hasta las cajas de leche salieron volando: otro camión se quedó sin frenos y se estrelló en túnel de La Línea

Even the milk crates went flying: another truck ran out of brakes and crashed in Alto de La Línea

The accident vehicle was a turbo that was going down the Carpintero Real tunnel and ended up colliding violently with another vehicle.

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During the night of this Sunday, April 10, there was a new scare in Alto de La Línea between Calarcá, Quindío and Cajamarca in Tolima.

Around 7:50 pm a loud rumble reveals the violent accident that occurred in the Carpintero Real tunnel.

In that area, a turbo-type vehicle ran out of brakes and ended up colliding with another car that was moving along the same road.

The crash was so violent that the front of the van that caused the accident was completely destroyed.

And the load he was carrying, milk, was scattered in the middle of the road.

Regarding the driver of the truck, it was established that he was unharmed despite the serious accident.

Likewise, it was confirmed that no other person was injured; but there was a long congestion and traffic jam after what happened.

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