EU Ambassador to Nicaragua: "We must never take democracy for granted"

European Ambassador invokes “reconciliation” in Nicaragua

The ambassador of the European Union in Nicaragua, Bettina Muscheidt, affirmed this Tuesday that peace “cannot be cultivated without a true and sincere reconciliation”, and evoked values ​​such as democracy or freedom of expression, in a country that is experiencing an internal crisis. for four years.

Peace “cannot be cultivated without true and sincere reconciliation, without the promotion and defense of essential values, such as democracy, freedom of expression and association, respect for human rights, the rule of law, equality, dialogue , debate and diversity of ideas and thoughts”, said Muscheidt, during the launch of the “Building the European Union” campaign on the social network Twitter.

Nicaragua is currently experiencing its own sociopolitical crisis, which according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), has left at least 355 dead, 181 Nicaraguans considered “political prisoners,” and more than one hundred thousand exiles.

The crisis keeps the Sandinistas, who defend President Daniel Ortega, and the Nicaraguans who reject the president in confrontation.

Muscheidt recalled that peace began to be built in Europe “more than 70 years ago, from the ashes and the destruction of two world wars, something unthinkable at that time, after so much pain and hatred.”

He also stressed that peace “can only be built from the recognition of the other in his dimension as a human being.”

The ambassador warned that “peace, threatened today in many parts of the world, we cannot take it for granted and we must defend it every day inside and outside our borders.”

The “Building the European Union” campaign seeks to publicize “the origins, shared values, and contribution of the EU at a global level,” explained the diplomat.

The “Month of Europe” is part of the commemorations of May 9, the date of the “Declaration of Robert Schuman”, which marked the beginning of the European Union under a policy of peace.

The activities include cultural shows, art workshops, artistic exhibitions, and the second edition of the European Scholarship Fair, which offers the possibility of studies with easy access in different European countries.

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