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Europe finances a cultural creation program in the Caribbean with a center in Havana


artistic institutions of the European Union (UE) will finance youth cultural creation projects through a new program presented this Wednesday in Havana.

He programwhich will cover the organization and presentation expenses of the projects with 30,000 euros, is financed by the Network of National Institutes of Culture of the European Union (EUNIC) in Cuba and the embassies of Italy, France and Spain.

Havana has an intense cultural life and all the characteristics for young creators to take it as a reference space, said the counselor and deputy head of mission of the Embassy of Italy in Cuba, Giulio del Federico, aforementioned by Latin Press (PL).

The initiative seeks “cultural proposals that can contribute to closer relations between the countries of Europe and the Caribbean.”

Young people between the ages of 18 and 35 who are nationals of the 27 members of the EU and 17 Caribbean countries who submit proposals by April 9 of “any artistic manifestation” can opt for this program.

The projects of the program, which has the support of UNESCO, must be developed between May and November in Havana and have local partners, such as galleries, cultural centers, educational institutions, artist studios, etc.


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