Eternal Cuba: Juana Bacallao, a star of the night

Neris Amelia Martínez Salazar, (Havana 1925) better known as Juana Bacallao, her stage name, is one of the most popular stars of Havana’s show business nights since the late 1950s.

In an interview conducted by the author of this report, Juana shows her true essence of show woman, which for years he perfected from the cabarets and nightclubs where he performed until he found his own space in the Red Room of the Hotel Capri with the show Little Red Riding Hood has fun, with total success. Juana understood that misunderstandings and pranks when parodying songs was her virtue. With a long artistic career and more than 90 years of age, she is an artistic phenomenon of Cuban culture: unique and original.

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