Hasta ahora, el servicio Propia, de ETECSA, le había permitido a presos y jóvenes en el Servicio Militar Activo mantener la comunicación con sus familiares

ETECSA asks for patience from the users of the Own service

MIAMI, United States. – The difficulties experienced by some users with the activation and balances of their Own cards after a recent migration of the platform that supports the service could be resolved by going to the commercial offices, according to a statement from the Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA). quoted by the official Cuban press.

ETECSA called for patience and encouraged users to follow the established service channels. “In the event of any problem that you present in the use of the Own service, you must make a report through the established service channels and provide your data so that our specialists can review your case and provide a solution to it,” according to the Department of Institutional Communication. of the telecommunications monopoly in Cuba.

However, users of the Propia service have expressed their frustration on social networks and other channels. “When someone dials his account number, from his card that he had put money in, he tells you that your account number is incorrect. They must be thousands of pesos in the air”, pointed out a concerned user in the digital forums.

As part of the transition, ETECSA compensated clients with 25 pesos (national currency) in the balance of their Propia cards, according to Yelín Reyes Rivas, head of the Commercial Department of the company’s Las Tunas Division. He also pointed out that relatives or people close to those who are in the Military Service or in prison could go in his place with the data from the card series to process the claim.

The official did not allude to the numerous complaints from the prison population and specifically of political prisoners whose own cards turned out to be useless or lost their balance without prior notice.

The Propia service, launched in 2002, has lost some of its popularity due to the growing use of mobile telephony. However, for certain segments of the population, especially those serving a prison sentence or in Active Military Service (SMA), it continues to be an essential communication tool.

Elizabeth Ochoa Peña, head of the Commercial Support Group, explained that this process is in charge of experts in the capital, which can delay the procedure. However, they do their best to process pending requests as quickly as possible.

The company assures that it is working to solve these problems and anticipates that once this correction phase is concluded, it will begin to offer new Own cards. “The established systems have ensured that the migration of each card is done only once. Only when this correction phase is over will new own cards be offered”, concluded Reyes Rivas.

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