ETB has already signed the contract for Digital Centers

ETB has already signed the contract for Digital Centers

ETB announced that it had signed the Digital Centers contract. Likewise, the company highlighted that with the operation of Region B, assigned to the ETB NET Temporary Union, 600,000 students and a total of 2 million people will benefit.

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Since the signing of the memorandum of understanding we have been preparing. We already have a structured execution plan, approaches with suppliers, field personnel and technical teams, which guarantee us to comply with the stipulated times of the deployment to connect the rural areas of the country and contribute to the reduction of the digital divide”, explained Sergio González Guzmán, president of ETB, after signing the contract.

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Region B contemplates the installation, operation and maintenance of 6,589 sites, in 567 municipalities of the country, that is, the project expects to reach more than 50% of the municipalities of Colombia, and generate 1,300 jobs, between direct and indirect.

To start with the execution, ETB NET will create a trust with the Fiduprevisora ​​for the careful administration of the resources in the next few days.

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A work plan was designed that must be approved by the auditor and, to the extent that we present the invoices for the purchase of equipment, the resources will be transferred to us. That is, we are signing this contract to execute and fulfill”, pointed out President González.


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