Establecen Plan de Acción para priorizar estudios dentro del Plan Vocacional y Sistema Nacional de Ingresos

Establish an Action Plan to prioritize studies within the Vocational Plan and the National Income System

The Minister of Popular Power for Education, Yelitze Santaellachaired this Monday a meeting with authorities from his office and the Ministry of People’s Power for University Education, to establish an Action Plan aimed at prioritizing the engines of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda in the studies that future high school graduates of the Republic will follow.

Through your social network account, @_LaAvanzadorathe Minister reported that a follow-up meeting on the Vocational Plan and National Income System began this week between the two ministries, to strengthen the presidential instruction to leverage university careers towards the objectives of national development.

The head of state, Nicholas Maduro Moors, has insisted on the need to reorient university careers, establishing priorities that contribute to the development of the Nation. For this he invited all university professors, student leaders and trade union movements to join in this task. “I ask you to make a plan with university professors, with leaders of the student movement to align careers with the Comprehensive Recovery and Development Plan of the country,” he has repeatedly reiterated.



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