Essap holder suffered decompensation in Misiones

Essap holder suffered decompensation in Misiones

A few minutes ago, national media reported that the president of the Empresa de Servicios Sanitarios del Paraguay SA (Essap), Natalicio Chase, would have suffered a presumed heart attack in the department of Misiones, before being airlifted to the capital in order to receive assistance. immediate.

However, later the owner’s brother confirmed through the press that he did not suffer from a heart attack and it was only a decompensation as a result of stomach problems. According to Chase, his brother is being observed and assisted at the Misiones Regional Hospital, while he awaits his transfer to Asunción only in the afternoon.

So far no further details are available, but the owner of the aguatera would be out of danger. His relatives said they would provide more details later in the afternoon.

As they explained, the president of the state water company was in the Misiones area, Ñeembucú, for reasons of a work tour.

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