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Espacio 40 held its National Congress this Sunday

This Sunday the National Party group, Espacio 40, held its National Congress, where its leader, Defense Minister Javier García, led the act that brought together its members and other party personalities, such as the chairman of the board, Pablo Iturralde, the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, among others.

After the event, the faction issued a statement pointing to the work done; the LUC campaign; the role of the opposition and the one that the party should have.

In the Espacio 40 document, it reiterates its “commitment to the government headed by Luis Lacalle Pou.” For this sector in “2 years of work has returned to Uruguay the central value of freedom as the axis of public policies.”

Likewise, they highlight “the pride of integrating the coalition government.” In this sense, they highlighted that despite “the difficulties experienced by the pandemic” the “right to work was protected and the political and union pressures that demanded to restrict circulation were not given in, imposing mandatory quarantine, responsible freedom was promoted and the humblest were protected”

Strengthen the coalition

Espacio 40 stated that the coalition “proved to be an effective political instrument.” In this line of thought, he highlighted the impetus given to the LUC, defended in the referendum with the “popular majority.” Likewise, he highlighted the imposition of “high-impact social policies and a frontal fight against crime and drug trafficking. That is why we will work to strengthen the coalition.”

In addition, the group claimed to be determined “to defend these achievements, as well as those that will materialize in the rest of the mandate. It is necessary to promote a reform agenda by sincerely and courageously debating issues such as social security. To ignore this debate is to condemn the system”.

In addition, they pointed against the opposition by proposing to confront “the lie and the stick in the wheel that comes from those who resist accepting electoral defeat.”

Management times

To conclude, the group reflected on the fact that “only good management” would allow them to once again gain the confidence of the “popular majorities” for the coalition by 2024. “Advancing the electoral times would be a profound mistake that would defraud the people,” the statement added.

“Today are political and management times, not electoral campaigns,” the statement states.

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