Escarrá: the Constitution of Venezuela enjoys total legitimacy

Escarrá: the Constitution of Venezuela enjoys total legitimacy

The deputy of the National Assembly, Hermann Escarrá, affirms that the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela enjoys total legitimacy, as it is an instrument approved by the Venezuelan people.

He argues that the fact that political leaders, who initially rejected the Magna Carta, and currently rely on it, is another evidence of its legitimacy.

Escarrá issued these statements in a television interview, on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the approval of the Magna Carta.

He stressed that the Venezuelan Magna Carta It has been used as a reference for the drafting of other constitutional texts of countries such as Ecuador and Bolivia, and has been taken into account to make some modifications to the constitutions of European countries.

He stressed that the approved Constitution in 1999 it has much more scope in the Venezuelan State.

In this regard, he pointed out the constitutional interference that the Supreme Court of Justice enjoys today -with the Constitutional Chamber, in charge of organizing, controlling and guaranteeing the validity of the Magna Carta- that previously was non-existent.

However, he considered that the changes that the country has undergone require that certain modifications be made to the constitutional text.

In this sense, he emphasized that the popular organization that has developed in Venezuela makes it necessary to establish an amendment to include measures that optimize the institutional management of said organizations.

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