Escaped prisoner murdered a sentimental rival

Escaped prisoner murdered a sentimental rival

A subject escaped from a jail, murdered a man because he was with a woman who was his partner in the past.

The alleged murderer was already arrested by agents of the cicpc and is identified as Efrén Adrián Méndez (21), nicknamed Coquera.

This subject was at the place where the events occurred; that is, an inn located in the La Bartola sector, El Chaparro street, Chivacoa, Bruzual municipality (Chivacoa), Yaracuy state.

The victim, Nelson Ramón Graterol Yépez (24), was also in that establishment, accompanied by a cousin and a friend. That woman had maintained a sentimental relationship with the escaped from justice in the past. But when he observed that Graterol was with her, the subject left the premises, looked for two other friends and returned to the inn to start a discussion with the victim.

In that brawl, one of Efrén’s companions pulled out a knife and attacked Nelson, who died minutes later.

It still remains to capture the other participants of that homicide: alias El Chande, Jean Calito and a 16-year-old teenager, nicknamed Cara de Cambur.

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