Ernesto Bustamante asked that the subcommittee not meet on Monday for Peru vs.  Australia

Ernesto Bustamante asked that the subcommittee not meet on Monday for Peru vs. Australia

Congressman Ernesto Bustamante (Popular Force) asked that, due to the party which will be on Monday, June 13, the next session of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations will be on Tuesday, June 14.

The legislator spoke before the president of the subcommittee, Rosío Torres (Popular Action), when it was decided that the other parliamentarians would no longer be expected to have a sufficient quorum and be able to meet today, Friday.

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Faced with the possibility of rescheduling the session for Monday June 13 or Tuesday June 14, Congressman Fujimorista suggested that the date be that Tuesday to avoid running into the game of the Peruvian team.

Ernesto Bustamante asks to reschedule the subcommittee so as not to come across the Peru vs. Australia. (PRP)

“I suggest that Monday not be called, let us remember that there is a football match of national interest and that could be a justification for many not to attend. I propose that it be Tuesday at any time of the day. Wednesday is a full day, so we have Monday or Tuesday left and Monday is football day “interim Bustamante.

The one who asked that this proposal not be heeded was his colleague from Fuerza Popular, Martha Moyano, who pointed out that a soccer game that only lasts two hours could not be a priority before evaluating pending complaints.

Bustamante replied indicating that he did not indicate that the Peru vs. Australia was more important. “It is not my thought, but rather others could consider that they are celebrating or crying the result of the match for not attending”he concluded.

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Finally, the members of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations decided to reschedule the session for Tuesday the 14th at 8 am, the day after the game.

Peru vs. Australia is played on June 13

The subcommittee’s decision was made considering that the Peru vs. Australia for the playoff to define which team will go to the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be played on Monday, June 13.

The Peruvian team will face the Australian team at 1 pm Peru time at Al Rayyan Stadium, in Qatar.


Héctor Ventura from Congress
Héctor Ventura from Congress

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