Erico refuses to testify before the CBI

The Bicameral Investigation Commission (CBI) on money laundering and related crimes held its fifth meeting yesterday morning.

On the occasion, the deputy of the ANR, Erico Galeano, linked to groups dedicated to organized crime, Iván Dumot, president of the Center of Importers of Paraguay, Alberto Sborovsky, president of the Paraguayan Chamber of Supermarkets and Julio Fernández, head of Customs, were summoned. .

The focus was on Erico Galeano, who could not participate in a previous call (15 days ago) due to an alleged Covid-19 picture. The reason for calling him was due to irregular transfers of large sums to Horacio Cartes, former President of the Republic.


Some questions that the members of the CBI asked Galeano were; What are your links with companies, shareholders and people convicted of drug trafficking and money laundering in Brazil? They also requested details about the links he had or maintains with Sebastián Marset, the Uruguayan leader of a criminal scheme dismantled after the operation “A Ultranza Py”.

He was also asked about the details of the distribution mechanism between his companies and the companies that are his clients. There are suspicions that among these they share people and relatives in common who make purchases and sales. The members of the CBI asked if this was not a “ticketing”,

Galeano, who was represented by his lawyers Cristobal Cáceres Frutos and Álvaro Cáceres Alsina, brought up article 18 of the National Constitution, which establishes that “no one can be forced to testify against himself.”

The defense lawyers insisted that Erico is already being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office, for which they asked the members of the CBI to request the documents already sent to the prosecutor Juan Ledesma of the Public Ministry.


At the end of the meeting, legislators regretted that Erico lost the opportunity to distance himself from this situation.

Jorge Querey, a national senator for the Guasu Front, stated that they also wanted to know why large financial operations are carried out with cash, in foreign currency, and in small denominations, but they were unsuccessful.

“I think he missed the opportunity to position something from his point of view. Disassociate yourself from links with people linked to drug trafficking and smuggling. I think it is not the most appropriate way to defend against what is installed by the media. You missed the opportunity to position something from your point of view,” he stated.

The CBI analyzes summoning José Ortiz, president of Tabesa, again, but they rule out calling Erico Galeano again.

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