EPM received 10 offers to build the second phase of Hidroituango

EPM received 10 offers to build the second phase of Hidroituango

Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM), reported that 10 companies submitted to the bidding process to build the second phase of the hydroelectric project. It should be remembered that this phase is the one that contains the construction of the civil works of turbines 5 to 8.

This second phase of the electrical project does not have any energy delivery commitment, unlike the first 4 turbines, which had acquired reliability charge obligations.

The public company reported that after attending to the various requests for clarification by the interested parties, nine addenda were issued.

Likewise, this Wednesday the latest offer from the Ituango PC-SC Consortium, made up of Yellow River, Power China International Group Limited Colombia branch and Schrader Camargo, entered. The latter has already been contracted and officially started the construction process for the final civil works of turbines 3 and 4 that must deliver electricity before November 30, 2023.

Although EPM did not report how long the analysis period would take to choose the contractor for this part of the work, it did point out that the idea is for construction to begin in the second half of 2024.


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