Environmentalists denounce degradation of water resources in the Cerrado

Environmentalists denounce degradation of water resources in the Cerrado

Specialists in water resources released, this Wednesday (22), a letter in defense of the waters of the Brazilian Cerrado. The biome has suffered from the decrease in water availability and the lowering of the water table, with serious economic, social and environmental risks. This was the diagnosis presented by researchers and rural producers during the Seminar Grito das Águas do Distrito Federal, in Brasília. The document will be sent to the 2023 Conference on Water of the United Nations (UN) and to the Brazilian public authorities, at the district, state and federal levels.Environmentalists denounce degradation of water resources in the Cerrado

The springs in the Cerrado are extremely important, say environmentalists, because they connect to the largest hydrographic basins in South America, including the Amazon and Prata basins. “Basins that throughout the national territory provide water supply, agricultural and industrial activities and the generation of electricity, impacting the national economy and the lives of tens of millions of Brazilians”, explains the Letter addressed to the UN.

Federal District

]In this context, the Federal District (DF) was pointed out by the participants of the seminar as a territory of great relevance for being considered the cradle of waters and the water tank of Brazil. With its 5,800 square kilometers, it is home to seven river basins: Maranhão, Preto, Corumbá, Descoberto, Paranoá, São Bartolomeu and São Marcos. “The waters of the Federal District cannot be hostages of regional interests. They are the heritage of all Brazilians, they have continental and international relevance”, he explains.

According to the coordinator of the seminar, Professor Rosângela Correa, the Cerrado is the savannah with the greatest biodiversity on planet Earth.

“In the Federal District, the waters can no longer tell stories. They are being silenced, suffocated, violated, with asphalt, concrete, sewage”, criticizes the teacher.

Among the main causes for the degradation of water resources in the DF, the researchers point out, are urban expansion, large real estate projects, irregular land subdivisions and pollution, which create pockets of misery, where thousands of people live without access to water and sanitation.

In order to seek solutions to the Cerrado’s water problems, the creation of an intersectoral work group was announced at the event to articulate strategies, partnerships, dialogues, including at the international level, and the forwarding of actions that promote the effective protection of the region’s waters. A calendar of actions for 2023 will also be inaugurated. “Accompanying this letter are urgent proposals, built during the debates and together with the communities of the water producing regions”, concludes the letter addressed to the UN Conference.

Tribute in the Senate to World Water Day

This Wednesday, the Environment Commission (CMA) paid homage to World Water Day during a public hearing with representatives of social movements, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), companies and other actors related to social and universal access to water. potable water.

On the occasion, the president of the CMA, senator Fabiano Contarato (PT-ES) spoke about actions to mitigate environmental degradation and water resources. Among the priorities are inspection, education and efficient legislation.

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