Environmental engineers confirm contamination in the subjugated aquifers of Las Lomas de Arena

Environmental engineers confirm contamination in the subjugated aquifers of Las Lomas de Arena

January 31, 2023, 5:49 PM

January 31, 2023, 5:49 PM

A study carried out by engineers belonging to the Official College of Forestry, Environmental and Civil Technicians of Santa Cruz, determined the existence of contamination and environmental damage in aquifers which are located in the Lomas de Arena recharge zone, in the Kim Tourist Center.

This private property was taken violently by a group of bullies in October 2022, when a strike was taking place in Santa Cruz; these remained until December, when the Police intervened in the place and apprehended 13 people.

On the morning of this Tuesday, in dependencies of the Society of Engineers of Santa Cruz, a a technical analysis table the studies carried out in the affected area; It was attended by representatives of the Santa Cruz Governorate and the municipal government.

The technical table was installed in the SIB

Marisol Yabeta, president of the College of Environmental Engineers, stated that the analyzes for the study in surface water bodies they dumped contamination on the site, when finding remains of nitrate above what is allowed, fecal coliforms, among other substances.

It affected the soil, ecology, flora and faunaYabeta said.

He warned that if the water falls to infiltrate the aquifers of the Lomas de Arenacurrently contaminated, could affect the health of citizens who consume the vital liquid from the recharging areas.

Yabeta explained that, in this situation, Wells will have to be drilled even deeper. to avoid contamination that is on the surface.

“I think a comprehensive plan of the two municipalities It would be the solution, because it would be in vain for the municipality of Santa Cruz to restrict and, starting from the limits of La Guardia, begin to give environmental authorizations to urbanizations and other types of activities that could further contaminate these aquifers,” he asserted.

For his part, Jorge Franco, president of the Society of Engineers, stated that the investigations that were established will be the basis for professionals issue recommendations, before the environmental affectation of soil, fauna and flora.

He regretted that in the technical table the representatives would not have come of the Mayor of the municipality of La Guardia.

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