Environment says it put out the fire in Valle Nuevo

Environment says it put out the fire in Valle Nuevo

The Vega. A week after the forest fire that affects the protected area of ​​the Valle Nuevo National Park, and which has caused damage to thousands of tasks, the authorities of the Ministry of the Environment assure that they managed to put out the incident.

The Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources, Miguel Ceara Hatton, who visited the affected area on Sunday morning, in the part that adjoins the Constanza municipality, in the La Vega province, reported that he verified that the fire was eliminated.

The area that was burned is populated by Western Pine mixed with Caribbean Pine, species that are not native to the area.

Ceara Hatton highlighted the work of the forest and structural fire brigades, park rangers, members of the Dominican Republic Army and Air Force, the National Environmental Protection Service (SENPA), volunteers and all those who participated in the work to quell the forest fire, which he said is in the liquidation phase.

He expressed that despite the fact that the smoke is still observed, all the necessary actions have been carried out, so that the flames will no longer restart because the perimeter is cold, henceforth efforts are concentrated on achieving its total elimination.

“We don’t want fires, but if they do occur, you can be sure that our Environmental Forest Fire Brigade will handle it correctly,” said Ceara Hatton.

The minister said that given the size of the emergency, no resources were spared and all the necessary logistics and equipment were provided to the brigades that acted on the ground.

Gerónimo Abreu, in charge of the National Fire Management and Management Program, explained that a trail was made from the southwest of the Pajón Blanco community, 180 degrees bordering the fire until reaching the road where the last two backfires occurred.

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