Entry of another tropical wave will cause more rains with electric shocks in Nicaragua

Intense rains with electric shocks will continue to occur in Nicaragua, because this Monday, June 26, tropical wave number eight enters the country, reported the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (Ineter) and the Observatory of Natural Phenomena (Ofena).

Agustín Moreira, director of Ofena, indicated that “for today, Monday, we have located tropical wave number eight, entering our territory accompanied by a low pressure system.”

In addition, “we have tropical wave number six circulating in the western Pacific, accompanied by tropical wave number seven, meanwhile we always have the circulation of a zone of instability with a probability of 80% of some cyclonic formation in the next seven days” added the meteorologist.

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Marcio Baca, director of Ineter Meteorology, also explained that “we will be able to see these rains in the afternoon and in the early hours of the night. (…) It is moving very slowly permanently to the northwest and it is very possible that a cyclone will form in the next hours or days.

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More rains forecast for Nicaragua due to low pressure system and tropical wave

Tropical wave number eight is expected to leave the national territory this Tuesday, which will always cause rainy conditions in the country.

Likewise, the director of Ofena specified that “two more waves are coming from the Atlantic towards the Lesser Antilles and on Wednesday another tropical wave is approaching the Central Caribbean towards the Caribbean of Central America” ​​which will be generating more rainfall in Nicaragua.

For his part, the head of Inter predicted that “by Friday and Saturday again, there will be an increase in rain activity because we will already have tropical wave nine entering the national territory, which will cause rain in the territory.”

The Ofena weather report details that for this Monday the rainfall will occur from one in the afternoon until late at night in the Caribbean, Central part, towards the Pacific.

Entry of another tropical wave will cause more rains with electric shocks in Nicaragua
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“We will have a lot of intensity of rain, force of winds, as well as electrical discharges during the circulation of tropical wave number eight that is also combining as part of some remnants of tropical wave Brett,” the report added.

That same behavior will be maintained on Tuesday and a decrease in the intensity and amount of rain is expected for Wednesday.

Both meteorologists urged the Nicaraguan population to take the corresponding precautions against the havoc that precipitation may cause, such as flooding, landslides and floods.

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