Entrepreneur: Four tips to avoid the vulnerability of your business information

Entrepreneur: Four tips to avoid the vulnerability of your business information

In the world of and the exchange of documents, security is a key aspect, and electronic invoicing is no exception. Companies in general, from the largest to the smallest, need a provider that takes care of their business data, completely eliminating any risk of information loss or vulnerability.

A fundamental step to ensure the protection and integrity of tax information is the selection of a secure and reliable Electronic Services Provider (ESP). For this reason, Kenneth Bengtsson, executive president of Efact, offers a series of tips to choose the best ally.

1. Find a certified PSE. To operate, Sunat requires PSEs to have ISO/IEC 27001, which certifies information security management systems in companies. Under this standard, providers demonstrate integrity in the secure handling of their customers’ data.

2. Evaluate the provider platform. PSEs process millions of electronic invoices at a time. Therefore, it is vital to consider a company with a solid infrastructure that can support your business processes, as well as those of the rest. The technological infrastructure that Efact makes available to its clients represents a crucial advantage, since it is backed by IBM and serves clients of all sizes.

3. Avoid mistakes. Companies are not free to make a mistake when sending an invoice. The problem is that, if SUNAT sees the voucher, it will not be validated by the Electronic Services Operators (OSE). Under this premise, it is key to hire a provider that helps reduce observations to a minimum and has the right tools to achieve this goal.

4. Prioritize a safe reception. In Peru, 99% use the electronic invoice only to generate receipts and send them by email, while only 1% also use it to receive them. This means that a large number of companies receive the documents and then manually enter them into their system, opening up room for typing errors and delaying the accounting process.

“When a PDF document is received and the data is manually integrated into the accounting system, companies are exposed to a lack of precision and accuracy of the data and the process, which generate extra costs in the entry of coding, validation, storage and management of disputes and payment of the invoice. That is why it is important to work with a supplier that has the tools to manage the documentation from the same platform”, Bengtsson explained.


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