Festival and concert ticket sales up 150% by 2023

Entertainment contributed more jobs than industry and commerce in 2022

Unemployment in Colombia was located at the end of 2022 at 11.2%. This was announced by Dane on Tuesday, in the presentation of the labor market report for the month of December and the consolidated report for the entire year.

(2022 closed with an unemployment rate in the country of 11.2%).

The report highlights that the Arts, entertainment, recreation and other service activities they were the main markers of employment in the country during 2022, considered the year of concerts and sports and cultural events.

According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane) this sector had a contribution of 1.3 percentage points to the total number of jobs generated in Colombia in 2022.

Even this activity was above manufacturing industries (1.3 pp) and trade and vehicle repair (1.3 pp), two of the most important branches in the generation of jobs in the country.

(Dane reports the balance of the labor market and unemployment of 2022).

Artistic activities, according to the Dane report, accounted for 0.3 percentage points for men in the total contribution and 2.8 pp for women.

In the year 2022, the employed population of the country was 22.0 million people, compared to the 20.4 million employed in 2021, thus representing a variation of 8.0%.

The 13 cities and metropolitan areas contributed 4.3 percentage points (pp) to the national variation; In this domain there was an employed population of 10.4 million people, 884 thousand more people compared to the previous year (9.5 million).


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