Enrique Paris collects accounts from Izkia Siches: “He lacks a little more culture, to think things more calmly”

Enrique Paris collects accounts from Izkia Siches: "He lacks a little more culture, to think things more calmly"

A harsh criticism against the Minister of the Interior Izkia Siches was launched by the former Minister of Health of the government of Sebastián Piñera, Enrique Paris, who wrote a new chapter in the long list of disagreements he has with the current Minister of the Interior, whose errors in conducting Such a complex portfolio would be due to his lack of preparation and his impulsive nature.

In interview with The Mercury, the former head of Health maintained that Siches “is a person who lacks preparation, but not only political preparation, I think he lacks a little more culture, to think things more calmly.” Despite declaring himself against asking for his resignation, Paris regretted that the interior minister had not learned from his mistakes in the past.

“I didn’t think I was going to get to this point that, I imagine, has been quite painful for her because I thought I had learned, that I was going to be more prudent, that I was going to think things through better, but apparently it hasn’t changed,” Paris said. , who has clashed on more than one occasion with his colleague, which has been happening since the time they coincided within the Medical College.

Likewise, Paris expressed his disagreement with the way his predecessor, Jaime Mañalich, conducted himself politically. “It made me a little sad and a little worried about the government, because in reality it was his personality, the way he had of relating to the press, with the mayors, which was deteriorating the government’s relationship with them” . And he added: “At that time the pandemic ate ​​almost all of them and he was the spokesperson for that, there was no more; then when the spokesman starts. Having problems, as we are seeing now with Minister Izkia Siches, is beginning to contaminate the entire government. I think he realized that and said enough is enough and that is why he resigned. Also, he was very tired.”

The former president of the Medical Association highlighted the bad relationship that Mañalich had with the then Undersecretary of Health, Paula Daza. “She criticized her. They had a bad relationship. That Paula Daza has said in many places. Look, even her family thanked me for the different treatment I gave her, her mother, her brothers, all of them, her husband. She had a really bad time,” he added.

On another level, the physician and academic highlighted that Chile has obtained the Franz Edelman Award 2022 for the government’s handling of the pandemic around an integrated system and a successful vaccination plan. “The prize is a very important face mask for all those who said that we were not doing things well (…) we got rid of the dirt by working and that they had told us at some point that we were unhappy, criminals, it was unfair,” he declared.

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