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Enrique Núñez Rodríguez, Cuban costumbrismo and humor

MADRID, Spain.- The writer, screenwriter, playwright and above all comedian Enrique Núñez Rodríguez was born in Quemado de Güines, Villa Clara, on May 13, 1923.

Who would later work successfully on radio, television, theater and the written press, from a very young age he carried out various tasks; At the age of ten he was a journalistic contributor and newspaper seller. One day he sold his bicycle and with the money earned he moved to Havana, where he began to write sociopolitical humor in newspapers such as Town and in the weekly Zig Zag. He would also publish in magazines posters and Bohemia.

He debuted in the Air Newspaper, by Guido García Inclán (1905-1983), on the COCO radio station, in 1948, with the program “Cuba en llamas”, a proposal for political satire. That year, in addition, he began as a writer on the CMQ Circuit, in a program in tribute to María Valero, protagonist of the radio soap opera the right to be born, by Felix B. Caignet. In 1949 he was already the exclusive author of the Crusellas firm and the CMQ Circuit.

In the fifties he wrote scripts for very popular television programs such as Chicharito and Sopeira and Bells Padlock. And later for others with high viewership like conflicts (starring Isabel Santos, Luis Alberto García and Beatriz Valdes), God save you Commissioner, Yes, Mr. Judge; Cases and House Things and if it weren’t for momthese last two considered classics of Cuban television humor.

In the 1970s, he wrote and directed the show “Me caso con una sirena” starring María de los Ángeles Santana and Armando Bianchi. His popularity increased with her participation as a panelist on the program “What do I bring here?”

José Martí National Journalism Award, National Humor Award and National Radio Award, among other recognitions, Enrique Núñez Rodríguez died on Thursday, November 28, 2002, at the age of 79, a victim of lung cancer.

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