MME: wind and solar together have the 2nd largest position in the energy matrix

Energy auction contracts 29 projects with a discount of 9.36%

The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) and the Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber held today (27) an auction for the purchase of A-4 energy. The event negotiated 237.5 average megawatts (MW), at an average price of R$ 258.16 per megawatt-hour.Energy auction contracts 29 projects with a discount of 9.36%

The result represents an average discount of 9.36% in relation to the maximum price determined by Aneel. Projects are expected to start sourcing on January 1, 2026.

In all, 29 projects were contracted in the event, of which two were biomass ventures, four wind farms, five solar energy projects, 14 small hydroelectric plants (SHP) and four electric generation plants (CGH). The projects add up to a total power of 948 MW. Investments of around R$ 7 billion are expected.

According to the CCEE, the energy was acquired by the distributors Cemig, Coelba, Neoenergia and Light. The energy will meet the demands of the states of Bahia (two projects), Mato Grosso (1), Mato Grosso do Sul (2), Minas Gerais (1), Paraíba (2), Paraná (6), Pernambuco (5), Santa Catarina (5), São Paulo (1), Tocantins (1) and Rio Grande do Sul (2).

This was the first energy auction held by the government. The event brought a novelty as it put solar and wind power ventures into direct competition, traded as the same product.

According to the Secretary of Energy Planning and Development of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Paulo Cesar Domingues, the experiment ended up being a test and there is a possibility that it will be repeated in new auctions.

“The number of projects contracted, five solar and four wind, demonstrates that it was a balanced distribution”, said Rodrigues at a press conference after the auction results. “It was an interesting test to see if we keep this for future auctions,” she added.

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