ENERGAS reconnects to the Cuban Electric System after failure

The ENERGAS “Puerto escondido” plant, located in Mayabeque, added 140 MW to the National Electric System (SEN) this Thursday, after the break that a little more than 10 days ago left itsin manufactured gas service to various areas of the capital and for which electricity generation lost some 200 MW.

According to statements to caribbean channel of Raúl Pérez González, deputy general manager of ENERGAS, on June 1st 140 MW were incorporated “from having three gas turbines at the mouth of Jaruco”.

For the day of this Friday, the projections were to complete the load that they delivered to the SEN before the breakdown, about 200 MW.

On Sunday, May 21, ENERGAS experienced a failure “in the compressor system”, for which the service was suspended.gas supply to various areas of Havana, as well as stopped delivering energy generated from the Boca de Jaruco units with accompanying gas of national production, according to the report.

Cuban specialists undertook the repair, later certified by specialists from the Canadian Sherritt Company.

In today’s news release, the UNE warned which for peak hours predicted the completion of ENERGAS Jaruco, with 40MW, as well as the recovery of 40 MW that were out for fuel. For this schedule, the estimated service impact was 140 MW.

The SEN is going through a complex situation in which the failures and breakages of its eight terrestrial thermoelectric plants weigh heavily, most of them with more than 30 years of use, the lack of investment and the fuel deficit.

Cuba’s electrical system will face the summer in “better conditions,” according to the minister

To deal with this situation, the Government scheduled maintenance tasks in the first months of the year so that the generating plants remain in optimal conditions in the months of July and August, when the summer gets harsher.

The long blackouts throughout the country, especially in moments of greatest crisis, have increased the criticism and peaceful protests of the population.

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