Enade exams are applied today across the country

Enade exams are applied today across the country

The National Student Performance Examination (Enade) 2022 tests will be applied this Sunday (27). According to the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep), 598,116 graduating students are enrolled in the exam.Enade exams are applied today across the country

The access gates to the test venues will open at 12:00 (Brasília time) and close at 13:00. The start of the application will be at 1:30 pm, ending at 5:30 pm for regular participants. Those who requested additional time and had their request approved by Inep will have one more hour to complete the test.

To access the exam room, the student must present a valid identification document with a photo. For the first time, three types of digital documents will be accepted: e-Título, CNH Digital and RG Digital, provided they are presented in the respective official applications, screen captures not being accepted.

Only students who have completed the Student Questionnaire can view the Registration Confirmation Card, which contains test location information. The instrument was available for completion until yesterday (26). The answers are confidential and used to generate statistics and educational indicators.

The use of a covid-19 prevention mask during the test is mandatory, except in the Federal District, states or municipalities where the use of the protection item indoors is released by decree or administrative act of equal regulatory power.


Taking the test and completing the Student Questionnaire ensure the regularity of students enrolled with Enade. Failure to comply with one of these instruments makes it impossible for the student to graduate.

In 2022, Enade will evaluate baccalaureate courses in the areas of administration, public administration, accounting sciences, economic sciences, law, journalism, psychology, advertising and publicity, international relations, executive secretariat, social work, theology and tourism.

Higher technology courses in the areas of foreign trade, interior design, graphic design, fashion design, gastronomy, commercial management, quality management, public management, human resources management, financial management, logistics, marketing and processes will also be evaluated. managerial.

Enade evaluates the performance of students completing undergraduate courses in relation to the syllabus provided for in the curricular guidelines of the courses, the development of skills and abilities necessary for deepening general and professional training, as well as the level of updating of students in relation to Brazilian and global reality.

Applied by Inep since 2004, Enade is part of the National Higher Education Assessment System (Sinaes), also comprising the assessment of undergraduate courses and institutional assessment. Together they form the evaluation tripod that allows knowing the quality of Brazilian higher education courses and institutions.

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