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The indie pop, rock, ballads, folk, and the cumbiaare some of the genres that it proposes “Emigrants”a group that emerged in 2019 when due to fate they both decided to embark on this journey together guided by music.

Three years later, after concerts, pandemics, and more reality checks, traveling between Spain and Paraguay, they decide to share everything they have built during this time, revealing a little about themselves in their first single, “Moon”.

This song starts with the composition of the lyrics and voice of Teresita and the melody by Javier with the guitar and trumpet.

“The lyrics are born from a true story of long-distance love, it talks about the desire to be with a person you love, reaching the brink of madness, always leaving a bit of hope in the fact of being reciprocated”they express.

It is a fusion between swing, pop/rock and cumbia, produced by Javier himself with the help of Marcelo Solerthe mix by Ricardo Zucarelli “Rapai” and the mastering was done at “Estudios Reno” by Jacobo Naya.

For more information on “Emigrantes”, the public can contact them through their social networks (@somosemigrantes).

The entrance emigrants was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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