Emergency declared in Denver due to the arrival of migrants, mainly from Venezuela

Emergency declared in Denver due to the arrival of migrants, mainly from Venezuela

The city of Denver will request more resources after declaring an emergency in the face of the massive arrival of migrants, mostly Venezuelans, who arrive in the United States through this region

The mayor of Denver —capital of Colorado, United States—, Michael Hancock, issued an emergency declaration this Thursday, December 15, in response to the arrival of immigrants, most of them Venezuelans, who arrived in the last 10 days.

“Let me be blunt: this influx of immigrants, the unforeseen nature of their arrival, and our current space and staffing challenges have put tremendous strain on the city’s resources and are about to reach a breaking point right now,” the mayor said.

He said he doesn’t want to see a local humanitarian crisis of homeless migrants on his hands due to a lack of resources.

Through a post on his Twitter account, Hancock explained that this emergency declaration allows Denver access to additional resources and gives the city greater flexibility to acquire funds, so that authorities can better serve the growing number of immigrants. coming to Denver.

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Humanitarian crisis pushes them to Denver

the local newspaper The Denver Post published a journalistic note in which he mentions that most of the immigrants who arrived in Denver come from Venezuela. According to this outlet, Venezuelans heading to the United States would be “fleeing a political and humanitarian crisis in their country of origin.”

Hancock said the federal government and the United States Congress are aware of this situation, but have not responded appropriately. He called for federal officials to set aside their politics and act.

“It’s at a crisis point right now, and cities across the country are being forced to deal with something we’re not equipped to handle,” the Denver mayor said.

The seven-day emergency declaration, which may be extended, states that about 300 immigrants headed for Denver last week. According to the city’s Emergency Operations Center, more than 900 migrants have arrived in recent months with no immediate plans for shelter, and about 600 have arrived since Dec. 2.

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