Embassy of Venezuela in Russia commemorated Chávez planting

Embassy of Venezuela in Russia commemorated Chávez planting

The Venezuelan Embassy in Russia summoned Latin Americans, Russians and Venezuelans to participate in the celebration of a liturgical ceremony commemorating the 10th anniversary of the sowing of Commander Hugo Chávez.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ceremony was attended by the director of the Department for Latin America of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Alexander Schetinin; ambassadors of the diplomatic corps accredited in Moscow, representatives of social organizations; circles of friendship, cooperation and solidarity with Venezuela.

In the Church of San Luis de los Franceses, in Moscow, the Venezuelan ambassador, Jesús Salazar, highlighted the importance of preserving and continuing the legacy of Commander Chávez.

“The names of the great fighters will always go beyond the physical existence of each one of them, they will be forever present in the libertarian conscience of the people. Commander Hugo Chávez Frías does not escape this blunt reality”, said the diplomat.

In addition, he highlighted its validity in historical time, the firmness of its ideals, its way of acting and governing.

“His ideas were built in a continuous process of reflection, dialectical confrontation to flesh out and defend a political and human-centric project such as the Bolivarian Revolution,” Salazar stated.

After the culmination of the ceremony, and as part of Russian traditions, attendees placed carnations in front of the commander’s portrait, to pay tribute to the memory of who transcended immortality on March 5, 2013.

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