Elimination of the Attorney General's Office, a proposal that Petro will promote

Elimination of the Attorney General’s Office, a proposal that Petro will promote

This Tuesday, July 5, in an interview with W Radius, the elected president of Colombia, Gustav Petro, He gave the first impressions of one of the projects that he will promote as soon as he takes office.

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It is about removing the Attorney General’s Office, with which it would pass the functions and responsibilities of that entity to the judicial branch.

Peter has already done criticism of the Public Ministry and its actions, and even asked to lift suspensions to mayors who were removed from their positions during the presidential campaign, on June 19.

Against his proposal of eliminate the control entity, criticism has arisen.

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The former Superintendent of Industry and Commerce and former Vice Minister of Justice, Pablo Felipe Robledo, expressed his opinion on his social networks: “To eliminate the Attorney General’s Office, the Petro government would need a constitutional reform. The same for a number of other changes that they intend to make. Beware that in some of these reforms, Petro puts us a little article that allows his re-election“.

For his part, Hernando Herrera Mercado, president of the Excellence in Justice Corporation (CEJ), explained that the Attorney General’s Office part of the constitutional design provided for by the constituent in 1991.

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Any revision made to its scheme cannot be equivalent to diminishing or undermining the fight against corruption. In addition, the State has a function that it cannot give up: due surveillance of administrative management to ensure its transparency and probity.“.


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