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Electronic invoices: 81% of companies that use them are in the trade and services sectors

The It is a tool that has already been adopted by a large number of companies, the vast majority of which are in the trade and services sectors.

A recent study by the electronic invoicing company of the Lima Chamber of Commerce, Digiflow, allowed us to observe that 81% of the companies that use this tool are in these sectors.

Separately, the represents 53%, while at the service level 28% is observed.

According to the study, there were several reasons for implementing the tool. However, the majority (66%) indicated that they incorporated it into their companies due to tax obligations, while 16% did so since the obligation was general.

In addition, 78% considered that the electronic billing it is “a tax issue”; On the other hand, those who consider that it corresponds to a “technological issue” and an “organizational” one, remain at 6% each.

Renzo León-Velarde, general manager of Digiflow, commented that “although it is a tax issue, since it is requested so that the Sunat can have the contributions of the companies in order, it also corresponds to a digital transformation tool.”

“A company that already works with social networks, web pages or internet sales is aware that digitization is multidisciplinary and transversal in a company,” he added.

The Superintendency of Tax Administration (Sunat) established deadlines for taxpayers to become familiar with the tool. Initially, they were the companies with the highest profits, continuing with those with the lowest, until implementation was mandatory.

Beyond the fact that the use of this tool today is mandatory by provision of the Sunat, the reality is that it has also brought benefits for various taxpayers.

Proof of this is that according to the study, 53% of companies managed to save between 20% and 30% thanks to electronic invoicing. While the other 44% of those interviewed answered that they saved between 10% and 15% of their operating expenses.


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