Electronic Family Pocket: how much is the amount per family cause?

The month of August brings with it the continuity of the payments of the Electronic Family Pocket, a monthly benefit intended to help in the purchase of food. But, what is the amount per family cause of the Electronic Family Pocket? Every month, this benefit delivers $13,500 for each accredited family cause. For example, a family with three taxpayers will receive $40,500 per month. It is a significant help to alleviate the expenses associated with feeding households.

However, it is important to be aware of a change in the amount that will affect the benefit from September to December. During this period, the Electronic Family Pocket will be granted to families who have accredited their deceased until April 30, 2023 and who also receive the Family Allowance, Maternal Allowance or Family Allowance. It is a measure that seeks to expand the scope of the benefit and reach more homes that need it.

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