La CTE Antonio Guiteras de Matanzas. Foto: Trabajadores.

Electric discharge takes the CTE Antonio Guiteras de Matanzas out of service

According to authorities of the Electric Union of Cuba, during the afternoon of Tuesday an electrical discharge hit the lightning rod of the output line of the Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric plant.

The electrical discharge, witnesses said, was located very close to the plant’s output transformer, and could have damaged some technical equipment, although the protection system was working. The lightning rod was destroyed.

As a result, at 3:44 p.m. today, the Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric plant went out of service.

Cuba: an “operational error” causes prolonged blackouts in the eastern region

At this time, units 6 and 7 of the Mariel thermoelectric plant and unit 5 of Nuevitas are out of service due to breakdowns. Units 8 of Mariel, Tallapiedra and 2 of Felton continue to undergo maintenance. And technological limitations remain in the units that are in service.

Authorities in the sector have reported that they anticipate the synchronization of the Guiteras for tomorrow before peak hours.

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