Electric cars and their revolution

Electric cars and their revolution

Without approaching or going out into the street, one with imagination can already put together the orchestra of noises produced by cars today that move along the paths set aside for them. Sounds that are not pleasant for both pedestrians or people who are within four walls working, studying or occupying their lives with some activity that provide us with happy moments and comfortable sounds for life. At least better than what we are used to hearing since the industrial revolution, from 1760 onwards, that’s how we already talk about 262 years polluting our environment with hydrocarbons.

This has a lot of incidence with global warming and climate change. Effects that make some countries make sharp decisions, such as Australia, which promises that by 2050, 90% of the cars in the country will be electric.

All of this not only promises to reduce the volume of hydrocarbons produced and released by machines that help transport people, but also to reduce or end noise produced by the same tools. For this reason, novelties of having electric vehicles moving through the streets are being proposed and they have to do with what enters our minds through our ears.

Australia is developing noise standards for electric cars that can follow similar rules set by the UN or the US, which has one of the largest fleets of hydrocarbon-powered cars in the world and is also in the same race to reduce these. transportation tools to take care of yourself and the world that the country also integrates.

It is expected that when the transition from using cars powered by hydrocarbons to those that can be moved by renewable energy is made. The same one that is used in our homes to illuminate rooms, charge energy for our communication devices and even for cooking on occasions, which is a way of caring for our world that is grateful for the conscious use of non-polluting energies. We have abundant hydropower that we even donate to Brazil.

surprising changes

The striking thing about the revolution that is becoming real in the world is not only about seeing and using cars moved by electricity, but also about the usual sound or noise of engines that can run with diesel or gasoline inside can be replaced by flutes, synthesizers or a human voice. Now they are not only considering how cars should move but also how they should sound.

Walk down any busy street and the noise can hit like a speaker accidentally left on full blast. The grunts of engines revving up as the light turns green, motorbikes jockeying for position in traffic. The sound generated by the internal combustion engine has shaped urban life for over a century. That now promises to change from our welcome to electric vehicles.

They should not only focus on the visual aspect of the machines but now even how they sound due to the alternatives presented by the use of electricity to move or move from one point to another, which in turn means being able to use different applications to give it functions to the car, drive in eco mode, regenerative braking or allowing the batteries of your electric or hybrid car to recharge by pressing the brake pedal or taking advantage of the inertia of the retentions is now possible. This, in turn, means saving batteries and money used to charge vehicles that present in this way a long list of changes in the habitual mental and spatial atmosphere of many people in the country and the world.

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