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Electoral Justice declares three days of mourning for the death of official Aníbal Ortiz

At the Central Hospital of the Social Security Institute, María Jazmín Méndez, 25, diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, successfully received a transplant after two years of treatment. This is the seventh transplant so far in 2022.

The donor was a patient (24 years old) with a diagnosis of severe head trauma, hospitalized in intensive care at the Regional Hospital of Paraguarí.

Dr. Gloria Orué, IPS transplant coordinator also pointed out that; “The patient has a good evolution, the surgical wound is impeccable, if there are no complications in 7 or 10 days she would be discharged, then the controls would be weekly.”

For her part, the young woman’s mother commented; “We are very grateful to the Social Security Institute, my daughter was born again, since she started treatment we always had the hope of a transplant, fully trusting the Social Security doctors and I want to highlight the quality of care they provide to my daughter and we feel grateful and happy”

María Jazmín Méndez, during her treatment, completed her degree in Foreign Trade and International Relations and with the successful surgery she will be able to lead a better quality of life and achieve more goals.

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