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Electoral Justice begins loading and sealing of ballot boxes in São Paulo

The Electoral Justice of São Paulo begins, as of this Wednesday (21), the preparation of electronic voting machines for voting on October 2. All 115,557 urns to be used in the state, including the contingency, will go through the media generation, loading and sealing processes.Electoral Justice begins loading and sealing of ballot boxes in São Paulo

The generation of the media consists of recording the data of voters in the section and the names and photos of the candidates on memory cards. These cards are then used to load, that is, to enter the data referred to in each of the electronic voting machines. Finally, the urns receive seals produced by the Casa da Moeda and signed by the electoral judge, being ready to be used in the elections. The inspection entities present may also sign the seals.

The entire procedure is carried out in a public ceremony and can be accompanied by political parties, federations, coalitions and other supervisory bodies of the electoral system, such as the Public Ministry, Federal Police, National Council of Justice and the Armed Forces. Each electoral zone is responsible for preparing the electronic voting machines for its sections and the work is carried out in the respective registry office.

During the ceremony, the inspection entities will be able to verify the integrity and authenticity of the electoral systems installed in the electronic voting machines. The verification by sampling will be carried out in a minimum of 3% and a maximum of 6% of the ballot boxes in each electoral zone. If there is no inspection by entities, the electoral registry itself will carry out the procedure in 3% of the equipment and, at least, in one ballot box per municipality.

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