Electoral Court provides list of debtors of electoral fines

Electoral Court provides list of debtors of electoral fines

The Electoral Court makes available, as of today (5) to political parties, the list of all debtors of electoral fines. This list serves as the basis for the issuance of electoral discharge certificates, a document that is “a prerequisite for those who intend to run for public office in the 2022 Elections”, informed the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) in a note.Electoral Court provides list of debtors of electoral fines

According to the TSE, the main cause of denial of application records is the lack of this document. To consult the list, parties must access the Party Affiliation System (Child).

“The tool, which is accessed by the parties, has specific functionality for generating files with this data. The user authorized by the caption only clicks on the Files > Debt Data menu and generates the data, whenever he wants”, informed the TSE, referring to the rule provided for in the Elections Law (Law No. 9,504/1997).

In addition to providing for the electoral discharge certificate, the Elections Law details the documents that need to be presented at the time of application for candidacy registration. “Among them are the copy of the minutes of the party convention, the electoral discharge certificate, the proof of party affiliation and the authorization of the affiliate to include his name as a candidate”, added the TSE.

“For the purposes of issuing the certificate, those who: sentenced to the payment of a fine, have, by the date of formalization of the application for registration of candidacy, proven the payment or installment of the debt regularly fulfilled; and those who pay the fine that fits them individually, excluding any form of joint and several liability, even when imposed concomitantly with other candidates and due to the same fact”, he explained.

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