Electoral Council selected audit firm for presidential elections

Electoral Council selected audit firm for presidential elections

The national registrar, Alexander Vega, reported that the National Electoral Council has already selected the firm that will carry out the authorship in the presidential elections.

He explained that, “we hope that the announcement will be made between now and Monday, but the Electoral Council has already selected a firm to audit. It must be taken into account that the audit requested by the parties and the Council falls for the entire process.”.

It will be the Electoral Council that reports the detailsbut what is certain is that they have already selected a firm to audit the electoral process,” he added.

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On the other hand, the official revealed that 2,281 auxiliary, zonal, municipal and general scrutinizing commissions have already been installed in the 1,103 municipalities of the 32 departments of the country and abroad.

The drill was attended by more than 15,000 actors in the processbetween scrutineers, data entry clerks, technical support, control entities, party auditors and national and international electoral observation missions,” he added.

Likewise, he stated that “the scrutiny software will not work outside the established hours. Also, it will perform database backups every five minutes. The counting software will transmit in real time the files, documents and images of the E-14 tally sheets to the web tracking system.

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On the other hand, Vega referred to the guarantees to citizens in the electoral process. “We give full guarantees and peace of mind. We have not only the auditors of the campaigns, but also the electoral observation missions, European Union and OAS. Everything is being done in real time, it is being simulated as if it were Sunday, May 29, with full guarantees for the information”.

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