Six governors leave office to contest October elections

Elections 2022: restrictions for public agents start to take effect today

Restrictions for civil servants and pre-candidates for the October elections will take effect from today (2), three months before the first round. Elections 2022: restrictions for public agents start to take effect today

The measures are provided for in Law No. 9,504/1997, known as the Elections Law, and aim to maintain a balance between candidates.

Politicians are prohibited from authorizing the broadcasting of state advertising about government acts, carrying out works, campaigns by federal, state and municipal public agencies, except in the case of serious and urgent public need. In this case, the broadcast must be authorized by the Electoral Court.

They cannot make an official pronouncement on a radio and television chain, except in cases of urgent and relevant issues, whose authorization will also depend on authorization from the Electoral Court.

Participation in openings of public works is also prohibited, in addition to the hiring of artistic shows with public money.

During the electoral period, civil servants cannot be hired, fired or transferred until the elected officials take office.

However, the dismissal and appointment of positions in commission and positions of trust are released, in addition to the appointment of those approved in public tenders approved until July 2, 2022.

In July, the electoral calendar also provides for other important dates for the election.

From July 20th to August 5th, the parties will have to hold their conventions to officially choose the candidates who will contest the elections.

As of the 20th, candidates, political parties, coalitions and federations will be entitled to request the right of reply for statements considered slanderous, defamatory or known to be untrue that are published by the media.

The first round will be held on October 2, when voters go to the polls to elect the President of the Republic, governors, senators, federal, state and district deputies. An eventual second round for the presidential race and the state governments will be on October 30th.

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