Elections 2022: Political parties will sign Electoral Ethics Pact on Wednesday, August 17

Elections 2022: Political parties will sign Electoral Ethics Pact on Wednesday, August 17

The Electoral Ethics Pact (PEE), which promotes the (JNE), will be signed on August 17 by the political parties participating in the 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections, through which they commit to the development of a campaign that favors mutual respect and the practice of democratic values.

The ceremony will be held at 11:00 a.m. at the Convention Center of the Lima Departmental Council of the College of Engineers of Peru and will be broadcast live on TV Peru, the JNETV channel (Movistar channel 516) and institutional social networks.

The groups of national scope with registration in the Registry of Political Organizations of the JNE and that have decided to present their formulas and lists of candidates for the elections on October 2 will intervene.

In the PEE subscription act will be included 23 engagements that were approved by the political organizations in successive meetings with the JNE, which refer to respect for the integrity of the electoral process, the rejection of political violence and discrimination; as well as the participation of the candidates in the debates established by the JNE, among other important aspects that seek to improve the conditions of the electoral campaign.

Among the political organizations that participated in the approval of the PEE commitments are Popular Action, Advance Country, Popular Force, Together for Peru, Purple Party, Patriotic Party of Peru, Free Peru and Podemos Peru.

In the construction of such commitments participated 38 civil society organizationsin addition to citizenship, through four thematic tables (Integrity and transparency; Propaganda and electoral campaign; Inclusive participation; and Debate).

They asked to carry out a campaign free of aggression, giving priority to proposals and the political participation of historically excluded people, among other actions.

The 10 sessions developed by the social organizations were directed by the JNE with the support of specialists and institutional allies such as the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) and the Transparency Civil Association.


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