Elections 2022: cybersecurity and cyber defense in the country, priorities during voting

The Defense Minister Diego Molano led a verification visit to the Police Cyber ​​Center (C4) of the Democracy Plan where he assured that the part is of total tranquility for the electoral day this Sunday.

From there he assured that, “permanent monitoring and follow-up of how cybersecurity and cyberdefense is managed has been established during the electoral process.

The Democracy Plan has established the Cybernetic Component, in this Unified Command Post, PMUled by the Presidency, the Ministry of ICT, the Ministry of Defense and in coordination with the other ministries, work is being done to monitor how cybersecurity and cyberdefense are handled during the electoral process,” said Molano.

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In turn, Minister Molano assured that, “All the capacities of both the Military Forces and the Police will be deployed to guarantee the protection of cyberspace”.

Meanwhile, the director of the Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, who was also leading the C4 visit, assured that, “the cybernetic component is activated from the intelligence directorate, the command post already has all the institutions, from the general direction and each one of the units is already in operation”.

Our Cyber ​​Center has a permanent connection with Interpol, Europol, the FBI, the DEA, in real time and we are also working to protect cyberspace,” he assured.

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In turn, the officer revealed that “all the capacities of the Police are ready to serve Colombiansthe part is completely calm, for this reason the invitation is for all the people who go out and vote en masse in the middle of this democratic party”.

We graduated 4,800 police officers this week who will join the different protection tasks for tomorrow. In addition, we will have helicopters, vehicles, motorcycles and all the capabilities of the police from today, very early tomorrow to guarantee the elections”, he concluded.

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